Temporal and Spatial Crime Hotspot Verdict An Introduction

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Sritha Zith DB Srithazith
Digvijay Pandey
Ismail Sheik


The storage and analysis of criminal databases, undebatable, is an essential program. To intuiting the crime, we need to find the map and create some hotspots there. Crime investigation system is a challenging process for every police or detectives to finalize the primary target. Sometimes the polices or investigators are unable to reach the main goal or criminal. To contact the primary goal, we need to validate the temporal and spatial hotspots among the crimes arena. It’s crucial to find the main criminal to protect the world, although it’s not very easy to find the big fish. Because criminals now are applying different kinds of methods to do their crimes. Such as now criminals are using GPS systems, Cybercrime, Facial replication, etc. That's why it's vital to know the types of crime before investigating or rating the crime spots. This paper is going to show the usage binary and genetic flavour to investigate the crime hotspots. This paper aims to make the task easy for every polices and investigators to protect the world from dangerous criminals.

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