Responsivity of Firefighting Services in Indonesia

Case of West Timor

  • Andre Pattipeilohy Universitas Timor, Indonesia
Keywords: Responsiveness, Public Service, Firefighting, West Timor, Community


This research is related to the responsiveness of firefighting services in managing fires in West Timor- Indonesia. This study used a qualitative descriptive method to analyze the responsiveness aspects of the fire department. Data were collected through interview methods, observation and literature study. As the result, it is found that each report is always responded properly and quickly. Although the public has complained about fire-fighting delays due to the delay in the availability about fire-fighter material, fire-fighters often attempt to politely and ethically educate the community about any fireplace concerns and also about the fact that road users have no knowledge of giving priority to fire-fighter routes. Next, all fire-fighters have understood their main duties and functions. Whenever providing firefighting services, officers always pay full attention to the community by coordinating with related agencies, such as the Social Service.


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